Mobile System Engineering Certification Program

Mobile System Engineering Certification Program

This is the Mobile Computing Promotion Consortium’s (MCPC) official certification program for engineers who wish to obtain deeper knowledge of and experience in the mobile system industry, which include wireless systems such as cellular phone systems, as well as business and consumer application systems that use mobile and Internet technologies. As explained in section 3, the MCPC is the leading Japanese industry association for mobile and wireless technologies.

The certification program provides four grades of certificates reflecting the levels of technological knowledge and experience covered in each program. The basic grade is for entrants who want a grounding in the fundamental concepts of mobile technologies and industry trends. Upper grades, labeled 2nd grade and the higher 1st grade, are for system and wireless engineers, and require more in-depth knowledge and understanding of the industry as prerequisites. Finally, the Senior Mobile System Consultant grade represents the uppermost level of the certification program and results in skills that qualify graduates to provide professional services for mobile system design and operation.

The pace of change is very fast in our industry. Therefore, professionals in this area must keep current by obtaining, digesting and incorporating leading-edge technologies in their day-to-day work. The MCPC plans to launch supporting programs, such as seminars and information services, to supply the necessary information and training to certificate holders from this program to help keep their expertise up to date.

Program Objectives and Goals

The MCPC Mobile System Engineering Certification Program is for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) systems engineers, sales engineers and sales representatives, as well as engineers and managers of the information systems division for all companies involved in ICT-related consulting.

The certification program (basic through 1st grade) deals with a wide range of technologies related to mobile application systems such as wireless communications and mobile device technologies, middleware technologies required for application development, packaged software, and basic technical knowledge of various forms of mobile content and application development. The Senior Mobile System Consultant grade is granted for attending MCPC advanced mobile system case study classes, learning system planning and design processes including project handling and management methodologies and skills, and demonstrating significant potential to fill managerial or consultative positions.

The conventional approach to building a mobile IT system is to combine separately built mobile communication and IT systems. This is because completely different technological knowledge is required for each type of system due to their differing historical development backgrounds. In view of an overall system concept, this conventional approach may lead to poor solutions for mobile-system users.

The MCPC Certification Program promotes integrated processes for planning, designing, building and operating mobile systems. It does this by classifying the required knowledge, clearly delineating the pre-requisite knowledge criteria and the program levels (basic, 2nd, 1st and SMC), thus stimulating motivation for learning in needed subject areas. MCPC believes that integration-oriented professionals will experience greater job satisfaction after completing one or more of the certification programs. For beginners and those who do not need deep industry knowledge, the MCPC Basic Grade Certification is a good tool for acquiring general knowledge of the mobile industry.