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Mobile Computing Promotion Consortium (MCPC)

In the computer-system arena, dramatic technological advances have enabled client/server systems for downsizing and the Internet and intranet for open systems.

Computer systems typically provide economic and efficient ways to communicate, including electronic mail. Recently, communications technology-especially mobile communications technology-has evolved and prevailed, and the Internet market has expanded dramatically.

Notebook computers become smaller and higher, and hand-held personal computers (HPCs) have emerged. The technological infrastructure for achieving full-scale "mobile computing" is about to be established by which local information-processing can be taken advantage of without limitations of time and location.

These mobile computing systems, effectively integration information-processing and communications technologies, are expected to provide the means for driving the advanced information society of the future, commensurate with users' expanding needs. For mobile computing to evolve full-scale and soundly, it is important for entitled such as communications carriers, computer-hardware manufactures, software developers, and systems integrators to cooperate beyond the existing framework. All elements must address the technical issues, standards promotion, institutional issues, and operational issues.

It is urgent that the leading corporations in these four industries promote the establishment of a mobile computing environment. The Mobile Computing Promotion Consortium (MCPC) was instituted to meet this societal need.