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Objective & Organization

MCPC is non-profit Organization

The objective of this consortium is to shape and expand a full-scale and sound mobile computing system market. To achieve this, cooperation is required of interests related to communication (network), computer hardware/software, system integrators (including service providers), and the media.

They must facilitate research and implement measures for technical and operational issues, promote joint research and development, establish de-facto standards, and promote dissemination to implement and evolve a more advanced, efficient and economic mobile computing system. Accordingly, the consortium will cooperate internationally with interested organizations, contribute to the evolution and expansion of the information society, and play a leading role in mobile computing system efforts worldwide, especially in Asia. MCPC also have excellent relation with PCCA in US.


  1. Conduct research and execute measures on mobile computing system technical and operational issues (including the establishment of de-facto standards).
  2. Endeavor to shape and expand the mobile computing systems market.
  3. Improve inter connectivity, and establish and acknowledge mobile computing system standards.
  4. Contribute to the institution of a multimedia-communications infrastructure that uses mobile computing.
  5. Exchange information with other global organizations related to mobile systems.


Board of Directors

Planning and Steering Committee

Technology Committee

Terminal Work Group (WG)
Car-Office Communication
Consumer SWG
Terminal Interface SWG
Environment Research WG
SWG (halt)
Center system Work Group (WG)
Application system Work Group (WG)

Bluetooth Committee

Technical Working Group (WG)
Hands-Free Guideline Sub WG
Interoperability Working Group (WG)

MCPC802.11 Committee

IPR Committee

Promotion Committee

Promotion Work Group (WG)
Customer Supporting Project Group
Start-up Businesses Support Working Group (WG)

Mobile IT Proficiency Test Project

Updated on February.2005